Wonderful new IPad App looking for testers!

This is a short note asking for YOUR HELP on a current project.  If you:
1) Are a child of a senior that you wish you would stay more in touch with
2) OR your senior has dementia or Alzheimers
3) OR your senior is in a nursing home or long-term care facility
4) OR you are a facilitator/therapist at such a facility

I’ve been working on an app for iPad that would allow you, from a distance, to update the senior’s iPad with daily photos, slideshows, voice messages, home videos, old time radio or TV shows, music, movies, each night, *unattended*, so that your senior just turns on their iPad (presses the Home button twice or has someone help them with that), and there’s the new stuff.  All in a SUPER easy user interface of only 4 picture-buttons to touch.  In some instances, this serves as Reminiscence Therapy.  Others, it’s just sheer enjoyment and recreation.

But I need testers, before I start to charge for this app/service.

I need up to 100 testers that would get this free for a year!

In return, I would ask for timely feedback, suggestions, and critiques.  AND, tell others about this.

It’s called Seniors Jukebox, and I do hope to hear from you!

That’s it for this one.  More in a few days!

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