Webinar: Gender-variant patients and clients: Handle with care.

Tuesday June 5th, 2018 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm


Webinar Synopsis: 

Emerging, as if from the shadows, is a growing number of persons who challenge society’s notion of sex and gender. This emergence is fueled in large part by the internet; people today have access to comprehensive and detailed explanations that help them make sense of their confusing feelings. It is unprecedented. Increasing scientific and medical understanding, advice and support, and more recently, legal protection of gender identity and gender expression has allowed both young and old persons to find the courage to exist authenticity. Though still a relatively small percentage of the population (.06%), it is estimated Canada has 140,000 transgender persons 18+ years of age and 75,000 under the age of 18 (1%). How many of these have emerged and live authentically is not known. Nevertheless, the likelihood of therapeutic professionals engaging with transgender patients/clients is no longer a remote possibility, it’s a reality. Are you ready?

Learning Objectives: 

  1. After session, participants will have an appreciation of the social and historical context for how our understanding of human sexuality has advanced in recent years.
  2. After the session, participants will be familiar with terminology and respectful language
  3. Participants will learn what are the major stressors experienced and identified by trans persons when it comes to interpersonal communication, how trans persons cope with the stress, and strategies participants can employ to reduce these stresses when engaging with trans persons.

NCTRC Job Analysis Codes: FKN, ADP

Speaker Bio: Lisa Salazar

Lisa Salazar is a Spiritual Care Practitioner at Vancouver General Hospital. She holds a Master’s degree from Vancouver School of Theology. She is on the board of directors of BC’s queer, trans and two-spirit resource centre, QMUNITY. She has also served on committees in an advisory capacity with Providence Health, Fraser Health and the City of Vancouver Parks and Recreation Department. Lisa also facilitates peer support groups and delivers workshops and lectures on transgender inclusion. Her memoir is recommended reading for anyone who is personally struggling to reconcile their religious beliefs with being transgender.


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