At our recent February Board Meeting, the Board took a historical look at the number of reimbursement grants that we have presented to our professional and student members. Throughout the grant cycles, many of these awards have gone unclaimed.  We have either had a lack of applications or an abundance of applicants for either the professional grants or student grants for each grant cycle.


One limitation of having three grants designated for professional development and just one grant for the students is that there are times that professional grants go unclaimed while at the same time, the number of applicants for the student grant exceeds the one grant available. At other times the student grant goes unclaimed while the number of applicants for the professional grants exceeds the three or four available for that cycle.


To ensure that BCTRA awards all or as many grants as possible during each cycle the following change has been made. Moving forward, if any professional grants go unclaimed due to a lack of applicants they will awarded as a student grant if the number of student applicants exceeds the one student grant available. If any student grant goes unclaimed due to lack off applicants then that grant will be awarded as a professional grant if the number of professional applicants exceeds the three/four grants available for that cycle. The Board will honor the designated number of grants for both the professionals and students in each cycle prior to making them available to excessive applicants for either grant.


When the number of applicants exceeds the number of grants available, the names of the applicants are put into a hat. Names are then pulled from a hat until all grants are awarded. During the process of pulling names from a hat, there is one Board member present, two external observers and then a third person who then pulls the names from the hat.


All applicants are then notified by the Education Committee to let them know if they have received a grant or not.


January Education Reimbursement Grant Winners.


Professional Grant Winner: Joyce Shepherd who completed a course towards gaining her Professional Instructors Diploma.


There were no other applications for the two remaining professional grants so the Board awarded them as student grants as the number of students who applied for a grant exceeded the one grant available.


Student Grant Winners: Courtney Knight, Mary Dwulit and Celeste Bouffard. All wrote and passed the NCTRC Certification Exam. Congratulations!!!


The Education Committee.