The Lifetime Achievement Award

The 2017 AGM is approaching and we ask that membership come together and nominate a fellow member for one of the six awards that we provide annually. It is time to celebrate the achievements and extraordinary work within BCTRA . Please submit your nomination today! Deadline for nominations is August 18th, 2017. 

The Lifetime Achievement Award

In August of 2004 the BCTRA Board instituted a new Award for retiring British Columbia Therapeutic Recreation Members (BCTRA). The Award is intended to recognize individuals who have made significant contribution to the Association and profession during their career. Members nominated for the award must meet the following criteria:

  • BCTRA member for a minimum of 12 consecutive years.
  • Made significant contribution to the Association through volunteering.
  • Promoted the ongoing growth and development of the association through activities such as:
    • Advocating for the profession in a particular initiative.
    • Serving in a key leadership role.
    • Contributing to the continuing education of BCTRA members by presenting at or planning workshops/seminars/conferences

      Lifetime Achievement Award

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