Webinar: Considering Recovery and Living at Risk in Residential Facility Programs

Posted March 7th 2018

Fraser Health has developed a Living at Risk Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) for its mental health licenced residential facility programs. Angela Louie will introduce the values, approaches and steps used and its alignment with a recovery approach. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on situations they face where an approach like this may be useful and valuable.

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Help Needed!

Posted March 6th 2018

I am kindly asking members who meet the inclusion criteria (see below) to complete this online survey, which will take 20 minutes or less to complete.

To participate in this study, you must:

  • Be a member of BCTRA or CTRA, or another provincial therapeutic recreation association
  • Be employed in a therapeutic recreation role
  • Have worked in a physical rehabilitation setting for at least 1 year
  • Have previous experience working with people with chronic disease (any physical health condition that progresses slowly, persists for more than 6 months and requires ongoing symptom management and the utilization of healthcare services)
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Education Opportunity: Mental Health First Aid

Posted March 2nd 2018

Almost one in three Canadians will have a mental problem at some point in their life. Some mental health problems are more common than physical ailments. Most people have little knowledge about mental illness. This lack of understanding promotes fear and stigma. It prevents people from seeking help early, and seeking the most effective help. It also keeps people from providing appropriate support to clients, patients, friends, colleagues, family or strangers simply because they do not know how.

We need a minimum of 10 people for the course to go ahead!!!

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Posted March 2nd 2018

Your BCTRA Membership expires April 1, 2018.

Beginning March 15th and until May 15th you will be able to renew your membership & be in good standing for the April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019 Membership Year.

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Posted February 27th 2018

Important updates about changes to the Education Grant + January 2018 Grant Winner Announced!

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Art Therapy Webinar – March 14th 2018

Posted February 26th 2018

What is art therapy and how can it fit within a therapeutic recreation context?

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A Daily Dose of Music: An International Symposium

Posted February 16th 2018

Learn to lead inspirational music experiences for enhancing the lives of seniors.

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Posted January 31st 2018

These are the steps to enter the contest:

  1. Plan a social activity for you and at least one other BCTRA Member between February. 1st– 23rd! Go rock climbing, hiking, out for lunch, host or attend a paint night; whatever you choose!
  2. Take a picture of your group participating in the activity
  3. Email the picture of your group, details about the event + your receipt from the activity to info@bctra.org
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Register for BCTRA’s 3rd Annual Research Night Today!

Posted January 31st 2018

Please join us on Monday February 26th for our 3rd Annual Research Night!

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BCTRA’S 3rd Annual Research Night

Posted January 29th 2018

Help Celebrate TR Month by showcasing your research or evidence base practice

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