Every year 3rd year TR students conduct research as part of their research methods course. This year several students hope to involve you and / or your colleagues in their research. All projects have received approval from the Douglas College Research and Ethics Board and are supervised by Dr. Colleen Reid. If you fit any of the following criteria please get in touch with the student researcher. We are very grateful for the time you devote to furthering student research skills and the TR literature.


Exploring Physical Environments for Individuals Living with Dementia: A Multidisciplinary Perspective


The purpose of this research study is to determine the  influence of factors in the physical environment on individuals living with dementia in special care settings. The research question is: what factors in the physical  environment contribute to the promotion of positive behaviours for individuals living with dementia in special care units?   **Request to Promote Participant Recruitment** Please share this information with other health care practitioners at your work site. A wider range of disciplines will contribute to the richness of data collected.


Participant criteria: allied health professionals including (but not limited to) recreation therapists, nurses, care aides, occupational therapists, social workers, physiotherapists and activity aides, with a minimum of one year of experience working with individuals living with dementia in special care settings.     Contact Information: Fiona Lastoria        tel: (778) 689-0560

Exploring the Purpose and Reason for Becoming a Recreation Therapist

The purpose of this study is to explore the purpose and reason for people coming to therapeutic recreation, and to determine which factors influence their decision to work as a Recreation Therapist. The research questions are: (1) why are people attracted to the TR profession? (2) what factors influence their decisions? (3) are people satisfied with where their decision to pursue therapeutic recreation? Participant criteria: Students and professionals who study and / or work in the field of therapeutic recreation.   Contact information: William Pak    tel: (778) 839-5030

Therapeutic Recreation Practitioners’ Experience of Occupational Burnout

The purpose of this study is to explore how therapeutic recreation practitioners experience occupational burnout. Research has shown that other health care professionals such as counsellors, psychologists, occupational therapists, and nurses experience burnout due to the emotional fatigue that comes with a caregiver role.  Little is known about TRP’s experience in regards to burnout and occupational stress.   The research question is: “To what degree do Therapeutic Recreation Practitioners experience burnout in the workplace?”

Participant criteria: TR practitioners currently working in the field (casual, part-time or full time).   Contact information: Lauren Webb    tel: (778) 988-5928