Art Therapy Webinar – March 14th 2018


March 14th, 2018

Getting to the Heart of it: Art Therapy at Work

Session Description:

What is art therapy and how can it fit within a therapeutic recreation context? This session will provide an overview of the field of art therapy including its history, purpose, definitions, various approaches, and areas of difference and compatibility with therapeutic recreation. The session will also include what to look for when hiring an art therapist, and examples of activities that could be used in an art therapy group co-facilitated by an art therapist and a recreation therapist.

Learning Outcomes:

After the session, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify and describe two definitions of the field of art therapy, including professional requirements
  2. Identify and describe three approaches to art therapy
  3. Identify and describe five outcomes related to different art therapy activities in a therapeutic recreation context

NCTRC Job Analysis Codes: FKN, IMP

Presented by: Catherine Dunlop, PhD, DVATI

Cathie is an Art Therapist currently working with the Adolescent Psychiatric Unit and the Adolescent Day Treatment Program at Surrey Memorial Hospital, and BC Cancer Agency. Cathie has also developed and facilitated art therapy groups at Ishtar Transition Housing Society, the North Shore Stroke Recovery Centre, Clubhouse Without Walls Program, and Tri-Cities Mental Health and Substance Use Services.


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