Are you writing the NCTRC exam soon?

Included in this bundle are 850 flashcards on the 6 topic areas of the test:

  • Foundational knowledge
  • Assessment
  • Documentation
  • Implementation
  • Administration of TR
  • Advancement of the profession

We are excited to tell you that this fifth edition of the Study Guide for the Therapeutic Recreation Specialist Certification Examination has changed significantly from previous editions.

This is largely due to two reasons: (a) the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) has recently updated the Job Analysis, which helps structure the content of the test, and (b) the computerized test has a newer format of a 150-item test.

Therefore, we have restructured the Study Guide to align more closely with the most recent NCTRC exam content and format. In addition, we’ve added over 100 new items for a total of over 850 practice test items!

The Study Guide offers over 250 random practice items, plus four practice exams, each with 150 items distributed across the job analysis that mirrors the national exam.

In preparing this Study Guide, our mission is two-fold: (a) to provide information that helps candidates reduce test anxiety and maximize test performance; and (b) to provide numerous sample questions, similar to those actually found on the exam, that will allow candidates to practice and self-assess their own readiness for the test.

For many individuals, the thought of taking a certification examination can be unsettling.

We often hear statements such as, “I have never taken a comprehensive exam. There is so much information. How do I learn it all?”

This Study Guide will help to identify areas where you need further study to help you ace your NCTRC certification examination!

Table of Contents:

About the Authors


1  Introduction to the Study Guide
Purpose of the Study Guide
How to Use the Study Guide

2  Details about the NCTRC Exam
Timing of the Exam
Variable Length Exam
Special Arrangements
About the Actual Test
Exam Content Outline
Test Scoring

3  Strategies for Preparing for and Taking the Test
Preparing for the Test
Taking the Test

4  Basic Information on the Test Content Outline
Foundational Knowledge
Assessment Process
Administration of TR Service
Advancement of the Profession


5    Warm-Up Items

6    Practice Test  1

7    Practice Test  2

8    Practice Test  3

9    Practice Test  4

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