Project Everybody–Call for Artists, Films & Performers

Posted June 25th 2015

Please see the links provided for posters for Performers, Films & Artists. Please distribute to as many Lower Mainland locations as possible!

Call for Performers

Call for films

Call for artists


Teepa Snow “Positive Approach to Brain Change” Certification on Vancouver Island

Posted June 25th 2015

1. The Coach and Care Skills certification program is designed for anyone who supervises caregivers or other team members providing direct care or support to individuals living with dementia. If your goal is to help people change their behavior towards individuals with dementia, this training is for you.

Offered in Nanaimo on July 1st–


2. Positive Care Skills Workshop Recommended for family members who provide direct care, professional care providers and volunteers who work with people living with dementia.

Offered in Nanaimo on July 1st–


3. The Consultant Certification program is designed for professionals who counsel and advise families working through dementia related challenges.

Offered in Victoria on July 3rd–

Go to Teepa Snow’s websites for more information:

Membership Criteria Changes Due to Special Resolution Vote

Posted June 25th 2015


June 25, 2015


To the Members of BCTRA,


Thank you to all of the members who took part in the recent special meeting either in person, by proxy or via tele health. The voter turnout was 53% of our total professional membership. There were 128 members who voted, or were represented by a proxy vote, with 90% of these members voting in favour of the special resolution.


The changes outlined in the special resolution have been made to the BCTRA professional membership criteria and the website has been updated (under our membership application process). We are currently working to update our Membership Application form.


Thanks also to the many volunteers who set up video conferencing at 9 remote sites for the meeting (2 sites unfortunately had technical challenges and so were unable to participate – 7 sites were successfully involved). In order to effectively represent membership we need to continue developing ways and means of involving as many members as possible in a vast province such as BC.


In order to continue to advocate for our profession, ensure members maintain competencies for the benefit of the public and key stakeholders, and to provide leadership to advance and grow the field of TR as outlined in the BCTRA Mission Statement – we are ready to develop a New Strategic Plan.The board of directors will develop a framework for this plan and then at our AGM we will facilitate an opportunity for members to weigh in on the ideas presented, suggest other ideas and decide on priorities for BCTRA in the coming years.


Please save the date and plan to attend the BCTRA 2015 AGM on Monday, October 5th at UBC Robson Square. This full day will start with our AGM in the morning followed by an afternoon session that will include conversations to enable development of the Strategic Plan.


We encourage you to start thinking about 2015 BCTRA Awards which are presented at the AGM. Members from all over the province are eligible for these awards and do not have to attend the meeting in person to receive the award. Please consider who in your TR community you would like to nominate. For more information please see the BCTRA Website under the Members Documents link “Nomination Forms”.


BCTRA is ready to move forward to continue to promote and develop the profession of TR in BC and we are counting on everyone’s involvement and support. Thanks again for the great turnout at the special meeting!




The BCTRA Board of Directors



Webinar Now Available!

Posted June 22nd 2015

“Private Practice in TR” presented by Jen Ertel is now available to be viewed in the Members Documents section of the website. Members, please enjoy!

Upcoming Education Opportunity in Calgary

Posted June 22nd 2015

Music Cares Certificate Program   July 20-21, 2015   Calgary, AB

The Fundamentals of Music Care: Theory and Context

Level 1 will introduce students to basic theory of music care, and offered various kinds of strategies that could be applied to various settings. No prior musical experience or health-sector experience is required for Level 1.This 14-hour course will prepare you to:

  • Understand the basic principles of music in care
  • Gain confidence using specific music care techniques
  • Develop a strategic plan for a music care program in your practice

About the Music Care Certificate Program

The 3-level Music Care Certificate Program prepares caregivers to use music in their care practice with increased confidence and theoretical understanding. It is suitable for allied health care providers, family and volunteer caregivers, musicians, teachers and any other community stakeholders who would like to increase their knowledge and practical applications of music in care.

This program is designed to help enrich caregivers’ practices with the knowledge and experience of music.

It is complementary to other professional trainings, and can help inform other scopes of practice and caregiving experiences. This certificate may be used as proof of additional training, continuing education, or professional development in the area of music care. As music care principles become more widely recognized as an integrated component of health care, this training can serve as a standard for understanding these principles.

Check out the Music Care website for more details:


There are also Music Cares webinars offered monthly: