Invitation to Office of the Seniors Advocate Residential Care Facilities Survey Results Release – Friday September 15, 2017

Posted August 16th 2017

On behalf of Isobel Mackenzie please find attached an invitation for you to attend the Office of the Seniors Advocate’s residential care survey results release taking place on Friday, September 15th 2017 at 11:30am.

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Project EveryBODY is now accepting short film and performance submissions for PEBlive

Posted August 16th 2017

Are you a performance artist or filmmaker who has a live experience with disability or whose work touches on diverse abilities?

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Join the BCTRA Board!

Posted August 8th 2017

The following positions on the BCTRA Board of Directors are available for a two year term (2017-2019):

Secretary-Treasurer, Director of Regulation, Director at Large – Promotion and Director at Large – Regional Ambassadors. 

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Music Care Education Opportunities

Posted July 20th 2017

Learn more about upcoming education opportunities offered by Room 2017 – Music Care

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Ingrid Parsons Professional Recognition Award

Posted July 12th 2017

This award is intended to acknowledge such contributions as:

  • a significant contribution in the field of therapeutic recreation
  • serving in a key leadership position
  • a contribution for a particular initiative
  • a series of contributions over an extended period
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Agency Citation Award

Posted July 12th 2017

This award is intended to acknowledge agencies who:

  • formally recognizes affiliation with members of BCTRA
  • actively are involved with university or college studies through practicum, work experience opportunities, presentations, etc.
  • promotes research, which has helped advance the profession of Therapeutic Recreation.
  • recognized for exemplary therapeutic recreation programs by clients,
  • board of directors and or other disciplines.
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Volunteer Recognition Award

Posted July 12th 2017

Do you know somebody who should receive the Volunteer Recognition award and is a BCTRA member who is an:

  • elected board member AND/OR
  • elected committee member of a BCTRA chapter AND/OR
  • elected provincial or chapter committee member AND/OR
  • served as a liaison between BCTRA and other professional agencies related to the field of therapeutic recreation.
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Rachel Dobek Student Award

Posted July 12th 2017

Do you know somebody who:

  • Declared a major in Recreation/Therapeutic Recreation or graduate studies related to therapeutic recreation.
  • Currently is enrollment in university or college, third year standing or above if enrolled in a four year program, second year standing if enrolled in a two year program.
  • Has volunteer/work experience in Therapeutic Recreation.
  • Has two letters of reference addressing nominee’s potential contributions to therapeutic recreation (prefer one reference from faculty and one from a practitioner in Therapeutic Recreation).
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Lou Gillette Scheffler Mentorship Award

Posted July 12th 2017

Do you know somebody who

  • Guides and empowers students and/or professionals to meet and exceed set goals.
  • Nurtures students and/or professionals to reach their truest potential.
  • Cultivates a cohesive, supportive, and dynamic team.
  • Are forward thinking both as a manager/supervisor and in the field of Therapeutic Recreation.
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Posted June 21st 2017

The 2017 BCTRA AGM will be held on Monday, October 2, 2017. There will be an education session in the morning followed by the AGM in the afternoon.

(More information about the education session and the AGM will be provided in the coming months)

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