Registration Closes this Thursday for Upcoming Workshop: “Framework for Recreation in Canada”

Posted February 2nd 2016

Framework for Recreation in Canada: Exploring Potential TR Connections in BC
When: Friday February 12th, 1-4 p.m. Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children
Where: 3644 Slocan Street, Vancouver, V5M 3E8 (free parking)
Facilitated by: Dr. Susan Hutchinson (Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia)


Overview: On February 13, 2015 in Prince George, British Columbia, a meeting of the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Ministers responsible for Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation took place. At this meeting, the Framework for Recreation in Canada 2015 was endorsed by Provincial and Territorial Ministers (excluding Quebec) and supported by the Government of Canada. The Framework for Recreation in Canada recognizes the important role that recreation plays in fostering the well-being of individuals and communities. The purpose of this session is to introduce TR practitioners in BC to the Framework and to provide opportunities for participants to talk together about the potential connections to TR practice. All participants are asked to review the Framework before the workshop, so we can have lots of time for conversation: please see the link below.


Objectives: Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1.     Name the five goals and priorities for action associated with the Framework for Recreation in Canada
2.     Describe ways in which Therapeutic Recreation can contribute to one or more of the priorities for action.
3.     Identify one way you and/or BCTRA can respond to and/or take on action one or more of the priorities for action.

Speaker Info: Dr. Susan Hutchinson is a former British Columbia native and Recreation Therapist who now teaches at Dalhousie University in the Recreation and Leisure Studies program. Susan was invited to participate in consultation meetings that were held as part of the development of the National Recreation Framework. Susan is an advocate for partnerships and collab oration as a key strategy to address the needs of people who experience barriers to participation and well-being.

Please see attachment: Flyer for Framework for Recreation in Canada

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Save the Date: “Therapeutic Minutes” Webinar Feb 23rd

Posted January 26th 2016

In celebration of Therapeutic Recreation Month:  join us February 23rd, 2016 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm where we will be discussing Therapeutic Minutes: Translating Best Practice of TR into Residential Care


Therapeutic Minutes (TM) is a measurement tool which enables the Recreation Therapist to evaluate and examine the therapeutic minutes [time] each resident receives from recreation staff; daily, monthly and yearly through a database. The TM database is aligned with the RAI-MDS’s [standardized assessment for residential care] request for recreation therapist to input a minimum of 15 minutes per day. The RAI-MDS’s manual specifically defines the minutes of recreation therapy as therapy that, “provides therapeutic stimulation beyond the general activity program in a facility” (Morris et al., 2012. P. 196) in a period of seven days. All minutes recorded must be accounted by a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist or Therapeutic Recreation Program Coordinator/Assistant under the supervision of TR Specialist (Morris et al., 2012). Where purposeful interventions are key, The TM database enables the department to re-assess, plan and evaluate programming with the focus on : best practice, quality improvement (accreditation and licensing), and tangible outcome measure aligning with the overarching philosophy of therapeutic recreation.


Learning Objectives

  1. To measure and to monitor the implementation of TR series within the department utilizing the TM database.
  2. To correlate the TM of residents, daily, monthly and yearly by utilizing the TM database.
  3. To examine and to evaluate the frequency of which a resident receives TR Services.
  4. To collect data from the TM database to review staff to resident ratio.
  5. To utilize the RAI-MDS in conjunction with the TM database to evaluate efficiency of TR services and the impact it has on residents, e.g. reducing isolation, depression, combative behaviours, falls, and polypharmacy.


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Neelufa Ramsamy, BTR, CTRS, CDP: Neelufa Ramsamy works as a Recreation Therapist in the position of Supervisor for the Fraser Health Authority at Delta Hospital-Residential Care. Neelufa has worked in Therapeutic Recreation for seven years beginning her journey as a Recreation Therapist in Mental Health & Addictions before leaping over to Residential Care. She graduated from Douglas College with a Bachelors in Therapeutic Recreation , holding Certification through the NCTRC, and specialized as a Cognitive  Dementia Practitioner through the NCCDP. Professionally, Neelufa serves as co-chair for the Therapeutic Recreation Practice Council for the Fraser Health Authority, while maintaining memberships through NCTRC, and NCCDP. Her promotion and advocacy of Therapeutic Recreation include: nomination and storyboard presentation at the 2015 Quality Forum [highlighting the philosophy of the person-cantered care dining experience], education of practice for staff, and serves as a Agency Supervisor for Therapeutic Recreation internship and practicum students.



Suezin Kang, BTR, CTRS: Suezin is a Certified Recreation Therapist who works for the Fraser Health Authority at Carelife Fleetwood. She also works at Stepping Stone Community Services for older adults and individual living with a mental illness. Professionally, she served as a research assistant and a graphic designer for the “Imagining Inclusion: Health, Wellbeing and Community” research project led by Dr. Colleen Reid. She went on to present research findings ast national and international conferences (WSTRA 2015 and CPHS 2015). Before choosing her career path as a Recreation Therapist, her life was devoted to art. She earned a graphic design degree from OCAD University in Toronto. Now, having a skill set in both areas, she 3envisions herself using these abilities to help individual in need in various ways. With a background in Graphic Design and Therapeutic Recreation she intertwines both passions to empower individuals through leisure and recreation. Recently, Suezin joined the Board of Directors for Power For All, and is looking forward to building inclusive communities promotes the importance of health and wellness.


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Call for BCTRA Focus Group Members: Seniors Advocacy

Posted January 26th 2016

January 25, 2016

Dear BCTRA Members working in the provision of TR services for seniors,

In December 2015, BCTRA representatives met with the Seniors Advocate, Isobel Mackenzie. At this short introductory meeting Isobel was briefed about therapeutic recreation in BC with a focus on TR services pertaining to seniors. After this meeting a follow up letter from the board and a package of information about BCTRA, CTRA and Certification through NCTRC was provided. Based on this initial meeting with the seniors advocate, and other initiatives in the area of TR with seniors, BCTRA recognizes the need to provide leadership in the exploration of best practices in this area. In order to do this work BCTRA is creating a focus group to discuss current trends in the provision of TR seniors’ services.


This BCTRA focus group will be formed at the beginning of February with an initial meeting held in February. We are looking for a small group of BCTRA members who will discuss this topic and make recommendations for best practices in TR with seniors. We are looking for volunteers who have positive and tangible ideas, strategies and approaches in this area of practice. Please consider this opportunity if you are able to volunteer time to meet, discuss and create strategies for therapeutic recreation best practices in response to the Seniors Advocate report and other providers.


Composition for this group will include TRs who represent both community and residential services; TR education; health authority run and privately run services and representatives from various parts of our province. Members need to be working in the area of TR services for seniors. Focus group members will be chosen by the BCTRA board. Please apply to be a member of the focus group by submitting your current interest in this area of practice, where you live and what motivates you to apply for this opportunity in a written letter sent to the email by February 5, 2016.


Brenda Kinch , BTR, CTRS               Meghan Brooks, BTR, CTRS

BCTRA President                               BCTRA Secretary/ Treasurer


Call for Abstracts–Weight Stigma Conference, Vancouver April 2016

Posted January 26th 2016

4th Annual International Weight Stigma Conference, 29-30 April 2016

Vancouver, Canada



The Weight Stigma Conference is an inter-disciplinary event that brings together scholars and practitioners from a range of backgrounds (e.g., psychology, medicine, public health, allied health professions, education, sports and exercise science, social sciences, media studies, business, public policy, law) to consider research, policy, rhetoric, and practice around the issue of weight stigma.

Despite the growth of weight stigma scholarship, weight-based oppression continues to be dominant within society, where thinness is privileged and fatness is oppressed. Given the harmful psychological and physiological consequences of weight stigma, exploring ways to change cultural attitudes and beliefs about body size is, therefore, evermore important. This year’s theme focuses on efforts, opportunities, and ideas for addressing weight stigma through activism, education, and policy.


We are now accepting abstracts for oral presentations and posters, as well as session proposals including brief symposia, round tables, debates, and workshops. We are also interested in non-traditional submissions (e.g. media, performance, art). For more information about the conference, please visit:

Submission deadlines: Session proposal 31st January; Oral presentations 14th February; Posters 31st March.


More info at

Webinar this Thursday “Fit for Life: Preventing frailty among older adults”

Posted January 19th 2016

Thanks to our Interior West Ambassador Jolene Steeves-Eschyschyn for sharing this info!

Available by Webinar, Teleconference or Attend in Person!

“Fit for Life: Preventing frailty among older adults” 

WHAT: Dr. Jennifer Jakobi, Associate Professor, School of Health and Exercise Sciences, Faculty of Health and Social
Development, UBC Okanagan, will discuss frailty, how to identify it, and exercise to help maintain independence.
WHEN: Thursday, January 21, 2016, 12 – 1:00 pm PST
WHERE: Room 129, Reichwald Health Sciences Centre, UBC Okanagan

To attend in person, via webinar or teleconference please
Register at: